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Be it curling or straightening, your hair is being exposed to heat. Don’t you feel like it needs some protection? 🤔 Just to sort out this question, here I am. Your hairs are a blessing that you need to save. For making its life longer, you need to protect it from heat. Here’s an ultimate guide how you can help your hairs.


  • USING ALOE VERA GEL : If you do not have heat protectants, than use any aloe vera gel you have as a heat protectant. This is 100% working hack!
  • USE CONDITIONERS WEEKLY : If you are the one who use heat once a week, then be the one who uses conditioner once a week because conditioner repairs damages at the ends and makes the reaction of heat less.
  • AIR DRY : Remember, whenever you wash your hairs, dont blow dry them, instead let them dry naturally in air.
  • HEAT PROTECTANT : If you have one, remember to apply it even when you are styling your hairs. This is kinda protection step you’ll take for your own hairs.
  • Apply heat protectants formulated for natural hair.
  • Always moisturize and deep condition your hair beforehand.
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Dandruff is the issue all of us face throughout our lifetimes!😅 But if there is an issue, we do have a solution for sure! Being in India, I’ve found that 9 out of 10 people have this DANDRUFF PROBLEM! But we can always stay away from it through some measures. I will be discussing one here..


  • Mamaearth

The one by MAMAEARTH is my all time favourite. I keep this in stock no matter what! I use this once a week and the second time I wash my hairs in the week is by a normal shampoo + hair mask + conditioner. I follow a short hair care routine once in a week, mainly during the weekends.


Satthwa’s anti dandruff shampoo can also be an all time saver. This has an amazing fragrance. I have not always purchased it, because I shop for shampoos offline more. Still, I have used it once and this is worth everything. Its affordable plus the results are outstanding. The pluspoint of the product is that it is herbal!🌿 It makes it more captivating and makes people keen on buying it. It is a succesful produt in my point of view!🍀


It is a gel based shampoo and it feels really refreshing on the hair and scalp. Within 3 washes, you can observe significant reduction in itching and flaky scalp. Makes scalp squeaky clean. But you need to follow up with a good leave in serum as it tends to make hair dry and static. 🤟🏻


Biotique Biotique Biotique! 🌿 Who doesn’t love this brand? At least once, every person has tried products from this. The neem shampoo can get off the dandruff is used regularly. When you go for the reviwes, you’ll find that this shampoo is actually working for people. You should be good at massaging it at the scalp. ✅

  • DOVE

Its one of the most popular shampoos which I guess most of us would have used atleast once. Contains ZTPO formula to treat dandruff and Micro Moisture Serum to provide moisturization. Also helps control hairfall.🤩You’ll notice that the texture of your hairs will change and hairs will turn softer and bouncier!🔥

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Bohemian Hairstyles are the one every girl wishes to make perfectly. But end up messing it up. 2 years back when I was a beginner to this world of beautiful hairstyles, I faced a lot if problems. So, to help other beginners out there, I am here!


Bohemian hairstyles are always in trend, and this trend will never fade away! That looks complicated, but with some good practice, you can be cream in this! ✨ I know what struggles I have actually gone through while trying different hairstyles but then, after so much of hardwork, I came across few tips which can make our tasks easier. 🌿

Try These For About 2 Weeks And Volla You Are In The BOHO  fam! 💫

Tips, Tricks & Hacks

  • Using the correct comb :  This is actually an important part for starting a hairstyle. If you want it to look beautiful from both close look and far point, you need to be patient while looking for a comb.  You should choose a comb which is sleek and easy to handle. Also it has a partition feature! ✅
  • Teasing your hairs :  You need to try this! If you are not the one who often does this, you should try this and you will see a disaster change in everything!✨ The volume, the texture, the heaviness and the curves. But all you need to keep in mind is teasing it very carefully otherwise you will see knots in your braids. 🎭
  • Parting hairs correctly : The most important point from our tricks list is parting. You should try to part your hairs equally! If you are even at this step, the braids would look professional. ⛱
  • Braids :  Bohemian hairstyles revolve around braiding. While braiding, remember, be calm, this is a time consuming process. At this step, avoid using combs. Try to use your hands for braiding as it gives a more realistic and admirable look. 🎷

So that’s pretty much it. A short disclaimer before trying bohemian hairstyles yourself! Hope it helps..!🍭

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  • EGG 🥚: Using egg as a conditioner is the best hack you can try. All you need to do is get some egg, crack it and get all the matter out in a bowl. To avoid smell, mix olive oil (or any oil of your choice) and mix it with the egg. Now apply it on your hairs including the scalp and ends and keep it for about 30 minutes minimum.
  • WET WIPES 🧊 :  Whenever you feel like your hairs are not doing well, and also do not want to wash your hairs, what you can do is.. Get a Wet Wipe and start rubbing it on the scalp. Part your hair whenever needed and the final result will be fresh! This work 100% when you do not have dry shampoo or do not want to wash your hair.
  • LEMON HIGHLIGHTS 🍋 :  This trick is really juicy. If you want natural permanent highlights, what you can do is squeeze a lemon and apply the lemon juice on the desired hair portion. Let this set in sunlight for about 35-40 minutes and then wash your hair. Repeat once in a week until you get the desirable color. Lemon juice gives natural lightening to hairs.
  • SCARF CURLS 💇🏻‍♀️ : Want curls in short time of 30 minutes? Try this and thank later! 🤷🏻‍♀️ Get some water spray and a scarf or bandana or hair elastic (anything which can fit on your forehead to the back of your head) and tie it around. Now start parting your hair, sprinkle water over the parted hair section, and then roll your hair around the band. Repeat the steps with all your hairs. Keep it up for 25 minutes. Now, when your hairs are dry, start taking out your hairs. Voilllaa! Heatless Curls in just 30 minutes!
  • GELATIN 🔥 :  Want Volume in your hairs? Then use gelatin. Use gelatin liquid, and then apply it to your hairs. Keep up for 40 minutes and then wash your hairs. And DONE!
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