Have you ever struggled in finding the correct foundation match? The answer is obviously yes. As we switch brands, we find the shades quite different and get baffled which one to pick! As an online shopper it would require a lot of effort to work on this. You may order the wrong shade that would not work with you. But, from now your issues will be sorted! Let’s look how this would work.

  • PICKING THE CORRECT SHADE :  Whenever you are deciding the shade, choose that according to the skin tone between your jawline and neck, that area will let you know the true skin tone. If you are trying the shade according to face color, try to try it bare faced, and avoid the areas of pimples and sunburns. The shade that would match any one of the criterias above would go for you!
  • WHAT TYPE OF FOUNDATION TO GO FOR? :  The brands are always up to you. The only thing you should do while buying foundations is reading the reviews and trying to know if the foundation results in full coverage. This is really important or else all your efforts will be wasted. Also, look for the foundations with SPFs.
  • ENSURING A SWATCH TEST : Swatches can be your saver! Remember, testing foundations on hand is not the thing. The skin color of your hand is almost never the the color of your face. Instead try to swatch it near your jawline.
  • HOW TO PICK THE FOUNDATION WHEN AT A STORE? :  Picking foundations on stores can really be a big deal because you cannot apply the foundation to your face at that time. What you can really do at the moment is : Either trying it on your hand and placing your hand near your jawline and trying to match it. Or what you can do is asking the respective person to give you the shade templates.
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A good skin starts with a good cleanse. If we have clear skin, then our makeup will be flawless. The secret mantra to even makeup is good makeup removal. πŸŽ–


  • Splash water over your face 3-4 times and press/pat it on your face.
  • Use your makeup removing wipes. Take 2 of them. Divide one into half and the other as it is. Use the second wipe and remove all the makeup on your face using that. Remember to clean your eye area including upper and lower lashlines. Try to remove mascara from your lashes at this point.
  • Get the wipe off. Now get yourself your favourite face wash!🏡 Use your face wash and massage it for about 30-40 seconds on your face. Then wash your face twice.
  • Use a towel and tap it on your face. Now pick a baby oil of your choice or face oil if you have the one, and apply it on your face. Let it settle for about 2-3 minutes on your face.⏰
  • Now, use the half wipe and try to clean the waterline of your eyes. Try to be slow and eased at this step. And then using the other half, clean your face to remove the baby oil. And at the end wash your face just by water and use a towel to dry it.βœ…

You’ll notice that your face is absolutely makeup free. Removing makeup is important because if we skip this step, the makeup on your face is absorbed by the skin and the skin becomes pigmented by the color of makeup. This is actually very unwanted! That is why, I just got you the simplest ways to get off your makeup! Hope this helps!πŸ™πŸ»

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The High End Makeup Guide

by admin


The key to a correct purchase is being sure about what you are paying for. If you decide it prior to buying, the task becomes 80% easier. So, the first thing in mind should be the product. Secondly, you should think that is it worth the price. If you are purchasing luxurious beauty products, first read the reviews of the product you choose. You’ll be paying a good amount for it and it should be satisfying your requirement. The third thing to remember is comparison of price. Try to find out the price of the product offline too. Maybe, you can find a better price in there.

Before trying the most expensive picks from the brand, try to buy an affordable one first to see if the brand suits you or not. This is the easiest way you can stay away from wasting your money.


Choosing up a product from a brand is easier than choosing a product from the mess. If you are selective in brands, then your task would not take much time. What I like the most while buying expensive makeup products is that I go to the official websites of the brands I prefer the most. Like I love visiting MORPHE’s website to get an idea of the new launches and price drops of the previous ones. This is also a trick to find a reasonable price for the products you adore. To add a product in your fetish, what you can do is wait for about 2 months after the launch of product. This requires a lot of patience but works the same. For example at the launch of the product you’ll pay 5,999 INR but after months you would only pay 3,499 INR for the same product! 🀩 This is the easiest way I can tell anybody. But if you are not patient enough, then just try to compare the prices on other websites and offline stores. Quite possible that you may find some hundreds less!

So coming on to the main topic here, which are the easiest approachable brands? According to my buying experience, I can suggest you brands like Makeup Revolution, BeBella Cosmetics, Morphe, Sephora, Freedom, Max Factor and NYX. πŸ’„These are world’s best known makeup brands and offers discount at times. πŸ’«

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