Eye Makeup


A good skin starts with a good cleanse. If we have clear skin, then our makeup will be flawless. The secret mantra to even makeup is good makeup removal. 🎖


  • Splash water over your face 3-4 times and press/pat it on your face.
  • Use your makeup removing wipes. Take 2 of them. Divide one into half and the other as it is. Use the second wipe and remove all the makeup on your face using that. Remember to clean your eye area including upper and lower lashlines. Try to remove mascara from your lashes at this point.
  • Get the wipe off. Now get yourself your favourite face wash!🏵 Use your face wash and massage it for about 30-40 seconds on your face. Then wash your face twice.
  • Use a towel and tap it on your face. Now pick a baby oil of your choice or face oil if you have the one, and apply it on your face. Let it settle for about 2-3 minutes on your face.⏰
  • Now, use the half wipe and try to clean the waterline of your eyes. Try to be slow and eased at this step. And then using the other half, clean your face to remove the baby oil. And at the end wash your face just by water and use a towel to dry it.✅

You’ll notice that your face is absolutely makeup free. Removing makeup is important because if we skip this step, the makeup on your face is absorbed by the skin and the skin becomes pigmented by the color of makeup. This is actually very unwanted! That is why, I just got you the simplest ways to get off your makeup! Hope this helps!🙏🏻

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