How to make the EXACT Bohemian Hairstyles

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Bohemian Hairstyles are the one every girl wishes to make perfectly. But end up messing it up. 2 years back when I was a beginner to this world of beautiful hairstyles, I faced a lot if problems. So, to help other beginners out there, I am here!


Bohemian hairstyles are always in trend, and this trend will never fade away! That looks complicated, but with some good practice, you can be cream in this! ✨ I know what struggles I have actually gone through while trying different hairstyles but then, after so much of hardwork, I came across few tips which can make our tasks easier. 🌿

Try These For About 2 Weeks And Volla You Are In The BOHO  fam! 💫

Tips, Tricks & Hacks

  • Using the correct comb :  This is actually an important part for starting a hairstyle. If you want it to look beautiful from both close look and far point, you need to be patient while looking for a comb.  You should choose a comb which is sleek and easy to handle. Also it has a partition feature! ✅
  • Teasing your hairs :  You need to try this! If you are not the one who often does this, you should try this and you will see a disaster change in everything!✨ The volume, the texture, the heaviness and the curves. But all you need to keep in mind is teasing it very carefully otherwise you will see knots in your braids. 🎭
  • Parting hairs correctly : The most important point from our tricks list is parting. You should try to part your hairs equally! If you are even at this step, the braids would look professional. ⛱
  • Braids :  Bohemian hairstyles revolve around braiding. While braiding, remember, be calm, this is a time consuming process. At this step, avoid using combs. Try to use your hands for braiding as it gives a more realistic and admirable look. 🎷

So that’s pretty much it. A short disclaimer before trying bohemian hairstyles yourself! Hope it helps..!🍭

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