How to choose the perfect NAIL SHAPE?

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Nails have become so an obsession lately. People treat their nails as a priority as it enhances personalities. Shape of nails is one of the significant role player in the definition of your hands. The way you shape them beautifies your hands accordingly. This is the ultimate guide for you to know enough for this purpose. Let’s look what common shapes we can have.

  • SQUARE SHAPED NAILS :  Square Shaped Nails are the ones that can rock any nail size. For the ones who have really short nail size, this suit the best. These are simple yet elegant. The only drawback we find with Square Shaped Nails is that this nail shape goes really well only with slim fingers. If your nail beds are long and narrow, be sure to choose this shape. The plus point of these sorts is that they break comparatively less than any other shape. So this means that the maintenance cost is really low. Any type of design can work amazingly with Square Shaped Nails.
  • OVAL SHAPED NAILS :  Oval Shaped Nails are the ones every girl adore! They suit every hand type, be it sleek and slim or a bit broader. The most appealing pro of these nail shapes is that they make wide fingers appear slimmer. These look really appealing with mattes. These type of nails can go with medium to long nail sizes.
  • BALLERINA / COFFIN SHAPED NAILS :  Coffin Shaped Nails are the true choice of nail lovers. They can be beautifully shaped on long nail beds. These nail shapes hold the ability to give a sudden charm to hands. If you have slim or broad fingers but long nails, choose this nail type. The flat top gives a long feel to the nails. Rhinestones on the edges can impress the look! The only drawback for these nails is that they are difficult to maintain. They can easily break. If you are a household person, I recommend you not to pick this shape.
  • ALMOND SHAPED NAILS : The Almond Shaped Nails resemble to the almonds we eat! The silhouette naturally suits long and thin nail beds. It’s elongated shape gives nails a charm! This shaped suits amazing to the wide based fingers as it helps them to appear slimmer. The maintenance cost is really low as compared to other nails. This can really work with every type of worker!


  • If you have slim fingers and short nails, go for the SQUARES for the flattening effect!
  • If you have slim fingers and long nails, pick OVALS!
  • If you have slim or broad fingers, but long nails, go for BALLERINA / COFFIN just to lengthen up your nails!
  • If you have wide fingers and broad based nails, go for the ALMONDS!

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