Acrylic Nail Do’s You Should Be Aware Of

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  • DO ensure your natural nails are strong and healthy before applying acrylics. Acrylics can damage the nail bed, break them, and cause infections if they are not in good condition before applying. To achieve healthy natural nails, eat calcium rich foods.
  • DO wear rubber gloves while doing house chores such as using cleaning chemicals and washing up. It might be uncomfortable but these chemicals can cause the acrylics to break or fall off.
  • DO get your nails redone regularly (around every two weeks) as this will prevent damage and breakage.
  • DO visit a professional nail salon to have your acrylic removed as it can be a difficult and painful process if done incorrectly which could cause damage to your natural nails and cause infection.


  • DON’T expose acrylic nails to harsh chemicals as this can cause them to break and crumble. It can also damage your own nails.
  • DON’T bite or cut acrylic nails as this can cause them to shatter which can actually damage your nail bed causing cuts and infection.
  • DON’T use your acrylic nails to open canned drinks or anything that may cause them to shatter.
  • DON’T use regular or acetone nail polish remover on your acrylic nails as it can separate them from your natural nails. Use an acetone-free formula instead.

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