How to beat the SUMMERS?

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SUMMERS! The best time to show off your apparels! Almost everyone of us eagerly wait for the summers. But the main problem of summers is beating the heat while completing all other priorities. Here’s a solution I’ve got for you!

  • STAY HYDRATED :  Try to drink loads of water during the daytimes. If you stay hydrated all day long, your capacity of working will exceed. Your mind will stay fresh. Try to drink lemon water as much as possible, that’s good for your skin as well as your mind.
  • PUT ON THE CORRECT MAKEUP :  Try to put on the correct makeup. Use light products on your face that doesn’t make your face heavy but still make it natural. For example, use a BB Cream instead of foundations during summers. They work as sunscreen too, two purposes would be sorted just in one product. Try not to use highlighters, instead work only with blushes that make your face a little more fresher. Try to go for pinks and reds for your lips, that would match your complete face makeup. Remember to use a setting spray at the end. That would make your makeup last all day.
  • MAKE A ‘SUMMER ESSENTIALS’ KIT : A kit can make your everyday work really very easy. You may put the kit in your routine bag to avoid missing any item from that. WHAT TO ADD IN THE KIT? The answer is precise, add a deo, face wipes, sanitizer, lip gloss, face cream and tissues. These are the necessary items no girl would like to miss while going out during the summer times.

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